Study on the Status of Three Grapevine Viruses in North-Eastern Vineyards of Ira

Paper: Study on the status of Three Grapevine Viruses in North-Eastern Vineyards of Iran


Grapevines in north-eastern provinces of Iran were randomly surveyed for presence of three viruses by DAS- ELISA. Symptoms of mosaic, abnormal double nodes, Z shaped, abnormal shoot development and reduced growth were observed in few of the plants. 588 samples of grapevine were tested for presence of Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) and Grapevine virus A (GVA). Dormant canes, young leaves, shoot tips and petioles analyzed by DAS-ELISA. All three viruses tested were found to be present in viticulture of north- eastern area. From the 588 samples tested, 78 vines were found to be infected with at least one virus. ELISA tests showed presence of that GFLV, GLRaV-3 and GVA in 7%, 6.6% and 3% respectively. In addition, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was used to verify ELISA tests for GFLV in vine tissue. RT-PCR using specific primers directed to the GFLV coat protein gene region at the 3′ end of RNA2 amplified DNA of the expected size (321bp).  Also the results showed presence of an unexpected 150 bp band of in some samples.

These results indicated that RT-PCR as a rapid and sensitive detection method is necessary to confirm healthy plant material.

Key words: Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) , Grapevine virus A (GVA), ELISA, RT-PCR, north-eastern vineyards of Iran




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